27 July 2010

Cranky with the BBC

I love the BBC -- or  at least those BBC shows that make it onto Australian TV. I trust their news and even follow it on Twitter. So I never thought the day would come when I wanted to kick them.

It's not anything major, only they've stolen my words. Too bad I hadn't written the words. I was rehearsing them in my head. Then I went looking for 1950s retro/style sites and the BBC had one, and they'd said exactly what I planned to in my book. All about small rooms, furniture to fit, the post war world. If I used the phrases I'd been planning, my sweet contemporary would look like I ripped that para off the BBC. Ugh. Even the appearance of plagiarism irks me, so it's back to the drawingboard.

Despite my mini tantrum, I thoroughly recommend clicking on the BBC link for changing styles through the decades. It's a great site.

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