01 July 2010


I'm having a brilliant week. Lovely blog guests--thank you Alice and Vanessa!--reading great news and reviews of Carina Press authors around the Net and finishing the first draft of my unnamed third angel and djinni novella ahead of schedule. Yep. Early! I'd hoped for Saturday, but finished yesterday. Sure it still needs work, but it's going to have a few weeks of deflation first.

"Deflation?" It's the time a story spends in the depths of the computer while my brain cools from white hot "this is awesomeness" to an objective state of "oh dear, I need to fix this, this and this". But the first draft is done! and I'm celebrating.

I'll pop up some of the flickr photos of Syria that I found last weekend and love--and then I'm off to do a few real life chores and indulge in some research. My next story is a sweet contemporary romance set in England with a landscape gardener hero. So I'm brushing up on landscape gardening terms and challenges as well as English gardens.

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