31 July 2010

How twitter is too fast for brain to check for embarrassment factor

140 characters. Click. Just told the world I'm a fool.

Actually, I haven't -- yet. But I'm aware of the potential.

I've had a whiney couple of days on twitter (conference envy -- I'm a putrid green, the colour of mushy peas). I don't think I've wildly embarrassed myself, but I'm definitely "sa-ad" in teenager speak. Or am I so out of date "sa-ad" dates me?

Ah dear. Twitter does have great potential to reveal character. All those off the cuff remarks recorded forever (thank you, Library of Congress).

I'm waiting for the character analysis algorithm that targets tweets and will reveal all. I'll probably end up being a teddy bear with one ear missing, a chewed nose and a mad smile.


  1. LOL Yeah, I am pretty sure that I have said a few things on twitter that I shouldn't have...
    It's just so easy.

  2. I agree. It's so easy to tweet something daft and then have to live with it FOREVER!!

    Don't worry about being whingy. You're not the only one suffering conference envy.

  3. I feel better now. Embarrassment must be like misery -- loves company! :) Thanks, guys

    I never thought I'd get hooked on twitter but I logged in today (Sundays are normally a computer free day) to check #RWA10 updates. How sad ;)


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