22 July 2010

Just a bit scattered

Half of me is thinking about the novel I'm writing, most of the rest of me is thinking about blogs it wants to check out and the fact Tumblr is calling. A smidgin of me insists on checking Twitter (all the time) and have I mentioned Goodreads and Facebook?

Then there are the articles I've read jostling around trying to settle down and make sense (about science blogs and their networked future, about "foreign" accents and distrust, about talking dirty -- Inez Kelley and Ginny Glass and the fact they can work on a book hundreds of miles apart -- about Japanese politics -- blame The Economist -- and on it goes).

And it's not just reading. There's commenting. There's tweets. There's posting here. There's posting at eHarlequin (yep, I try to blog once a week over there). There's guilt that I haven't linked the places I've mentioned in this post.

I think it's time for cold turkey. Unplug the internet and single mindedly focus on writing. It'll be a relief.

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