06 July 2010

Liz Fichera is ballooning in

Liz is on a fast-paced around the world in 80 days celebration of the release of her historical romance, Captive Spirit. She'll be here in a few minutes. I'll have the coffee out and lamingtons (just so she kknows she's in Australia--nothing says Australia like sponge cake covered in chocolate icing and shredded coconut--well, Vegemite does, but that's an aquired taste).

Captive Spirit from Carina Press is winning fantastic reviews (check out RT Book Reviews for starters). And in case you missed it, Liz shared her favourite books over at Dear Author.


  1. Did someone say chocolate? I am so there! :-)

    Thanks, Jenny!

  2. and bought from my favourite bakery (what? you thought I made them!). They're worth the long flight from Arizona all by themselves :)

  3. Jenny, I'd crawl for chocolate!


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