16 July 2010

Mitchell Library, Sydney

I thought the smell of books might improve my mood -- it's helping :)


  1. I love libraries. Well, I guess I should since I work in one....
    I would love to travel around and see all the amazing ones built.
    Very awesome picture!

  2. I don't work in a library, but apart from that I could have written your comment, Natasha! I love libraries. I feel calm but buzzed when I walk into a great library. I'm not sure that it's top of anyone else's travel list. But one day, when (if) I do travel and make it to London, I have to stop in and see the British Library and that awesome reading room under the dome.

  3. Wow, that's quite the library!!

  4. It's a great photo, isn't it? And talking of great photos, I just looked at toemail. Great photos and they made me smile as I imagined the looks the photographers got as they stripped off shoes and balanced on one foot to take the photos. Gorgeous idea :)


  5. Thanks, you should do a library "toemail" :P

  6. LOL I'm a bad photographer with two feet on the ground -- balancing on one foot! ah! I have this mental picture of standing on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin to take a photo of the National Library, and falling in!


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