26 July 2010

Need a second cup of coffee

I have Monday-itis.

A couple of housekeeping notes (just to warm up my fingers for serious writing in a few minutes). First, I've added Access Romance and The Book Pushers to the right sidebar under "Great Sites, Wonderful People". I keep finding more and more sites that I want to follow. It would be helpful if I also found the time to follow them! How come what I want to do expands, but the time available to do it in doesn't? If I were God, time would work differently. Busy people would get the time lazy people were wasting. [Note: reading is not being lazy. Readers would get all the time they wanted -- of course, this is also my definition of heaven. Read forever, no eye strain!]

Second, I have a really exciting post I want to write, but it's for Improbability Wednesday, not start-the-week Monday. *pout* Don't want to write this post. Want to write about angels!

Third, I forgot that Australia is half a day ahead of America. Well, damn. The exciting Monday news hasn't happened yet because New York still thinks it's Sunday. Drat, drat, drat. (Hint: the eHarlequin site isn't available because it's "under construction").

Fourth--do I have a fourth point? Oh, yeah. My sweet contemporary heroine now runs a retro collectibles shop. Stay turned for my new obsession -- 1950s/60s/70s housewares. And mini skirts. Love mini skirts. [Looked at my writing outfit of thick sweater and sweatpants -- oh, yeah, miniskirts -- as if! Dressed for writing I can scare away any stranger knocking at the door ;)]

Fifth, recognise I'm now rambling. *going to get that second cup of coffee*

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