06 August 2010

Angel Thief copyedits

I can't believe Angel Thief is already at copyedits stage. I'll get them back to Deb today. And break off writing my sweet contemp long enough to revise Syrian Dreams, the third Out of the Bottle novella, to sub it next week.

Syrian Dreams is a working title. I need to find a stronger title as I revise and write the synopsis. It's a revenge and redemption tale with a crusader castle setting on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It was fantastic to write about a female djinni. Cali has heartbreak in her history (a very Arabian story of conquest and poetry). Andrew is a guardian angel and a tough soldier. He has to rediscover tenderness if he's to teach Cali to trust. The setting is contemporary, with modern day villains and death dealing. Cali's soul isn't the only one that needs saving. Andrew is guarding the man Cali has sworn to kill, the man who owns her djinni bottle and commands her three wishes.

Okay. Clearly I'm quite excited about Syrian Dreams and could talk about it forever. The plot is fast and tangled, but I hope, reads clearly. Fingers crossed Carina Press likes it half as much as I do and accepts it for publication.

So I'd best get cracking. Copyedits for Angel Thief, then Syrian Dreams revisions and finally the synopsis (not a big fan of synopsis writing).

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