25 August 2010

Buried in the Chatter

Sometimes I wonder if what I consider a weird idea might already exist in reality. This is one of those times.

With mobile phones taking over the world, I wonder whether a "C" button might be added to handsets. When pressed, this button would randomly connect the phone user to another phone user anywhere in the world. The random connection to a stranger would come with a simple language translation service.

It would be possible to refuse a "C" call, but I bet most people would accept it...out of curiosity...out of a genuine desire to widen their world.

C-calling could be addictive.

And what would it do for national boundaries, the lines we draw between "them" and "us"? A global world. A noosphere?


  1. Totally weird, but weirdly attractive. Twitter to the nth degree of randomness. I wonder what people would talk about? the weather?


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