27 August 2010


What role does food have in our society? Quick thoughts.

As FUEL for us as workers, consumers, parents, children, tourists, retired. Do we have a responsiblity to be healthy, contributing members of society?

RECREATION a hobby; an extension of other interests (eg gardening); something to fill in time; to manage emotions; food as drug. For pleasure.

IDENTITY To belong to peer group, status, cultural expression, religion. It is an expression of relationship.

SOCIAL CONTROL. Access to food equals survival and energy. It modifies behaviour.

SOCIAL ISSUE/ SCAPEGOAT Crises about food express wider fears. So, body image and control, individual and social health. Mortality. Disease, infection.

BUSINESS Wealth through control of the food chain. Exploitation. Manipulation ofdemand and supply. Global. A few ethical businesses make commitment to values and lifestyle.

Yet food is nothing more nor less than the means of sustaining life.

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