02 August 2010

Not into the 1950s?

I think I've about exhausted my enthusiasm for links on the 50s. I do have a couple of 1960s images I want to share, though. Later.

Researching collectibles is fascinating. Add in a touch of nostalgia and my combined sociology/history undergrad self (and wasn't that years ago!) really gets going. I start thinking about the societies that created these objects and the dreams to back them up, and the context of the dreams. Nuclear annihilation was a huge fear for 1950s America--yet the objects have a bright optimism. Or am I viewing them through rose-tinted glasses?

There is so much stress and strain in every society, yet people fight through it all to produce beauty. And the beauty endures.

Lots of thoughts for future posts -- including changing fashions (and how difficult they are for writers with long lead times to publication), notions of beauty, the psychological implications of beauty, the sense of security collecting gives, and on and on. Or I could get totally sidetracked and start posting on some of the stuff (elegant term, I know) that following #scifoo over the weekend has thrown up. I have lists of people I want to follow and there is definitely Maker Faire links in my future--the name has come up too often in a range of places.

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