04 August 2010

Quantum computing and 4 dimensional travel

Quantum computing is amazing. As we unleash computational power, technology created by humans will be able to envision and navigate a four dimensional world that humans can't perceive. The challenge will be to translate 4D travel into 3D maps, rather like street maps are 2D models covering our 3D current reality.

What makes me so hopeful about 4D travel is that (for lack of a better 3D simile) it happens in spirals that occasionally intersect. Consequently hopping from spiral to spiral not only compresses the geographical distance on Earth but also in interplanetary travel.

By breaking the 4D puzzle, quantum computing will enable low fueled travel to Mars and beyond the solar system. Robots will have to do the first trips, just in case. But the universe will open up in new ways.

I wonder if a capacity to conceptualise 4D will develop in humans?

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