19 August 2010

Romance Round the Net

If you write Medical Romances the window for fast track submission and response is closing fast over at Harlequin. I'm not saying they're closing to submissions, just that at the moment they're promising super-fast consideration of your story. So, jump in!

Susanna Ives (she of the awesome book title, "Rakes and Radishes") has one of the best blog posts on visiting Bath that I've ever seen. Fantastic photos, included. If you're a Regency fan, click the link!

Angela James gives great advice (the sort of advice you don't always want to hear--which is probably how you know it's worth following). If there's hard work still to be done on your story, do it. Don't hope an editor will see past the flaws and contract the story anyway. Editors are overworked. [Side note reminder to self--and the flaws I see aren't the only flaws in the story. Eliminating the ones I see still leaves plenty over to put off an editor. *sigh* But I am reducing commas--grasping at straws.]

You've probably already seen it, but Orbit posts on the presentation of urban fantasy heroines. Stiletto-wearing, pouty models are out. Kick ass is in.

And maybe a sycknopsis is really just a short story--thanks, Leah

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