12 August 2010

Round the Romance Net

Over at Dear Author Jane discusses changes to publishing. Wylie sparked this particular post. Jane does a great job of rounding up links but also of summarising and interpreting. Over at Dear Author, always remember to check the comments. It's a vibrant community.

Over at RT Book Reviews they've had a video chat with Bear Grylls. Ick. Not him. Poor guy. I've never met him so that would be a hasty judgement. No. Ick because on TV I've seen him eat live insects. Not cool. Totally gross. Could you kiss a mouth that had chewed on scorpions and slurped up frog's innards? 'kay, now I've grossed myself out.

Ilona Andrews has written a great post on dressing a character. This is something I struggle with, so it's nice to see it's work for other people, too.

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