05 August 2010


I'm sure the odd rambles on this blog make it seem that I will write anything, but believe me, I do self-censor. For example, just this morning I thought of sharing the task in front of me -- washing curtains -- but I thought, no, boring. And I refrained (almost -- you wouldn't believe how much dust is released when you drill a hole in a brick wall).

Mostly when "experts" talk about filtering what you share on the Net they say the equivalent of "do you want your employer to read this now or in 10 years time?" Me, I think employers should have better things to do with their time!

But the other self-censorship ought to be in place -- the one where we check for "boring" and delete rather than hit send. Do I need to know a stranger's shoe size?

All of which builds into a lovely little rant. But it's undercut by one important fact: When the person sharing the "boring" info is someone I know and like, I don't consider the info boring. Instead, it is transformed into the social glue of everyday life.

So, in the right time and place, nothing is boring. Still, checking context and audience before you share your breakfast details is a good idea. I had toast with lashings of butter. Yum.

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