03 August 2010

Unfairly imprisoned

But, Ma! The cats want to be chased.


  1. Oh, no! Now he has a criminal record.

    He's sorry, Ma. Really! Look at that face.

  2. "criminal record" LOL I'll have him do community service and collect the mail. He already tries to bring in the neighbour's Sunday paper -- oops Teeth marks? *whistling innocently* what teeth marks?

  3. Ref: ...bring in the neighbour's Sunday paper...

    Oh, Jenny, that brings back memories.

    We had a little rottie that we taught to fetch the newspaper. Well, one day the delivery man missed us.

    Not wanting to disappoint she would go down the road and take our neighbor's paper.

    We didn't realize it until a few weeks later when our neighbor ranted about how bad delivery had been.

    We decided to test a hunch and removed our paper then sent Isis out to fetch it. Sure enough, when she didn't see a paper on our yard, she trotted down the road and got the neighbor's. That was the last time we let her get the paper. LOL

  4. Oh, that's gorgeous. Dogs have such a simple solution to life's problems--and other people's property!


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