10 August 2010

Where I'm At

The time has come to talk of cabbages and kings ... or rather, of getting my online self organised.

I hate the phrase "personal brand", but it hides a valuable insight -- our online selves are about creating expectations and meeting them. [Argue with me. I'd love it if I was wrong and could chuck the whole personal branding notion overboard.]

So here's my work-in-progress breakdown of where I am and what I'm doing online. This is what you can expect from me.

My website is static. It tells you how to contact me and what I've written and includes current projects.

My Goodreads author page lets you see what I'm reading, the books I enjoy and my reviews. I hate my photo, but you can't have everything.

This blog will continue to have daily updates (excluding Sundays), but I'm going to introduce a new schedule. More of that later.

Twitter will take the overflow of my magpie curiosity. I will retweet and comment on whatever I trip over in my Net ramblings. That should lessen the randomosity on this blog (and my handful of longsuffering Twitter followers can always put me on mute).

Finally Tumblr remains my grab bag of cool images and insight--much of it reblogged from other tumblrs.

The new schedule for this blog is as follows:

Random Monday
Tuesday -- update on my writing
Improbability Wednesday
Thursday -- Romance round the Net
Weirdness Friday
Saturday -- Happy weekend!

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