31 August 2010

Writing Update

I guess you know the third Out of the Bottle novella returned last week with a rejection slip. Fortunately, Deb added a lifeline, a chance to rewrite and resub. So that's what I've been doing over the weekend. Am still doing.

The sweet contemp has been bundled to the backburner. And to be honest, some of the questions Deb raised about the novella are troubling me with the contemp. Or rather, my thoughts as I contemplated rewriting the novella spilled over into my plans for the contemp. Do I make my heroes too nice and too ready for commitment?

Are romance heroes meant to be commitment-phobes?

Anyway, the novella has a new title -- Three Wishes. I've added tension, roughed up my gorgeous angel hero and well, it was a sexy weekend, writing-wise. Whew, hot.


  1. LOL, well I'm sorry it was rejected and yay you get another shot at it! go for it and I hope it passes this next time around!

  2. Thanks, Summer :) That's exactly what I'm doing. Typing with fingers crossed!

  3. It's great that you have another chance to revise and submit. Those are the best kinds of rejections. Good luck!

  4. Yep, if I'm going to get a rejection, this is my favourite kind :) Thanks for the good wishes, Shelley


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