15 September 2010

Dinosaurs were Sentient

[Tricerotops from Museum of Science, Boston, photo by Daderot on Wikimedia--thanks!]

After millions of years, what sort of evidence would survive to prove dinosaurs' sentience? The use of tools is not proof of self-awareness, even if tools survived. And how at this gap of time could we tell if dinosaurs altered purposely their environment?

Their language--if it existed--is dead and gone.

Might humans one day stumble over a dinosaur dancing ground? Would we recognise it if we saw it?

What if only some dinosaurs were sentient? How did they interact with their non-sentient cousins?

Finally, what if dinosaurs made pets of humans' mammalian ancestor? What if, in a very distant fasion, we are the result of dinosaurs managing the breeding of our mammalian ancestor to increase intelligence (and hence, usefulness to dinosaurs)?


  1. Humans may face that very issue when creating sentient robots :)

  2. Maybe dinosaurs created us as robots at first then we evolved into humans.

  3. This sounds like a cool story idea, Jenny. :-)

  4. Now that's a cool idea, Jamie -- we're the millions of years later offspring of organic robots. That does explain some people ;)

    So many ideas, Liz. Do you think Carina Press is ready for a dinosaur love story? "In the dying days of the the dinosaur era (can't remember the scientific name), two brave survivors of the asteroid impact must risk everything..."


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