10 September 2010

Gourmet Heaven

What better topic for Weirdness Fridays then the question of strange but loved food combinations.

I love vegemite on toast eaten with raw apple. Mmm. Okay, so that's not truly weird.

Actually, when I think about it, my food choices are sadly unadventurous. I've eaten tiny whitebait deepfried and crunchy, little fish heads and tails and all. I've never eaten pigs' trotters, nor kangaroo. Dad put me off kangaroo meat in a big way -- and I'm not giving gory details on innards and their inhabitants. Fridays might be weird, but not disgusting.

I've eaten a raw brusselsprout, just to see what it was like. Don't bother.

And as a kid I'd occasionally twist off the new growth bud at the tip of a banksia branch and chew it. Thanks, Mum, for the bush chewing gum idea :) Probably not something people should try with random banksias. Who knows what poison lurks in the Australian bush? Yeah, yeah, red back spiders, venomous snakes. I'm talking plants.


  1. I am a very picky eater who lives on more chocolate than should be humanly allowed, so I can't claim to eating anything too exotic. Does sushi count?

  2. It does with me. I'm so not a sushi fan. And chocolate is definitely a blessing from the gods :)


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