09 September 2010

Romance Round the Net

Next month I get my hands on Masques by Patricia Briggs and Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews. Maybe this doesn't sound like huge news to you, but I've had these books on pre-order for months. I will single-handedly demolish any volcano (yes, Iceland, I'm looking at you) who delays shipping. Bayou Moon is William's story, and I wanted that story even as I read On the Edge.

Okay. On to other news.

Embrace Books is a new British digital romance and erotica publisher. They're accepting submissions. I've only just heard of them (yes, wa-ay late on breaking news), so I don't know details of who or what the contracts are like.

Cyberpunk continues strong in the romance world with a novella call for a Samhain anthology. (Link takes you to details at Romance Divas, which is also where I heard of Embrace Books.)

Marcia James has top tips to avoid author promo missteps (at Hannah Howell's blog). Although I'm unsure of the emphasis on author websites. I tend to follow author blogs and track books via Amazon, Goodreads, or Fantastic Fiction -- author websites lack space for reader discussions.

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