16 September 2010

Romance Round the Net

Mills and Boon/Harlequin are intent on proving Romance Is Not Dead. If you have a first chapter for your romance novel ready to go, get moving. Send it in. The closing date is really soon. Otherwise, like me, you can take things a bit easier and simply enjoy the entries. Read, comment, join the community. It's heartening to see lots of other people believe in happy ever after, too.

Marie Treanor shares her agent acquisition story over at Toni Anderson's blog. I'd guess it's not typical, but it is inspiring. And if you like vamps, read the excerpt : )=  [that = is meant to be fangs *sigh* Need a vamp fan smiley icon]

Fiction Vixen discusses 5 of her favourite blogs. It is Book Blogger Appreciation Week, remember?

Attention authors in search of a storyline. Dear Author asks people's favourite tropes.

If you haven't registered your about.me username, you might want to do so, and also consider setting up an Amazon author page.

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