30 September 2010

Romance Round the Net

Unpublished authors' opportunity. Contest to win agent/editor critique. Coming up at The Season.

Nicole Alexander is blogging over at ARRA. Interesting thoughts on love and character motivation generating story conflict. Also, scroll down the comments and see how an Outback author travels to work. Hint: It's flood season.

This news is only romantic if you're one of Terry Pratchett's dwarfs and love gold (although such dwarfs assure us they only say they love gold to get it into bed). A skeleton has been found wrapped in gold on Crete.

Over at AccessRomance, Leslie discusses the challenges of rating a reviewed book and asks if readers like/dislike/ignore ratings.
I've been thinking about how I rate books on Goodreads. For me I think a 1 is "stay away", 2 is "don't bother", 3 is "read it", 4 is "so glad I read it", 5 is "amazing". For me, three is a good solid recommendation. How about you?

Over at Romance is Not Dead (Harlequin/Mills&Boon) the Top Ten have been chosen. Leah Ashton (yay Aussies!) is one of them with her first chapter for Secrets and Speed Dating.

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