14 September 2010

Writing Update

I admitted defeat last week. My contemporary romance was just...not...working. It's annoying. I keep thinking that if I just tried a bit harder--but really sometimes you have to cut your losses and walk away. The tension just wasn't there. The hero fell in love too early and too easy and I couldn't talk him out of it.

Oh well.

On the upside, cutting loose the contemporary lets me write another angel and djinni story. This time the setting is Iran. It's great fun. Can't say anything more since I'm still dreaming it up. Clearly, I'm happier pantstering than planning.

Expect random Iranian data to pop up on the blog as a side effect of research.


  1. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes you think of a fix at a later stage. That always puts me in a good mood. :)

  2. Let it percolate...sometimes solutions or new ideas come from the weirdest places!

  3. What I'd love to know is why inspiration seems to arrive in the shower -- I think waterproof paper and pencil would be a great idea :)


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