29 October 2010

I forgot my Friday weirdness post!

Fortunately, Tumblr is -- as ever -- my friend, and points me in the direction of the Circular Bike. Lots of bikes welded into a circle, going nowhere.

As a lazy person, the circular bike strikes me as a nifty commentary on the pointlessness of exercise. I can hike around a shopping mall as well as the next woman (as long as she's not a marathon runner), but sitting on an exercise bike and peddling nowhere -- why would I do it? On the other hand, I have heard rumours that pedal power can be used to charge mobile phones. Aha! a use. Doh! I don't own a mobile phone (I'm not kidding. I am a tech failure freak. Possibly the word I'm searching for is Luddite).

So I'll be sitting here, not exercising. But do check out the circular bike -- it's banana yellow.


  1. It doesn't matter what I use as a mode of transportation, I need a destination. Otherwise, like you, why do it?

  2. That's it exactly! If I'm not going somewhere, I'd rather stay home -- though that sentence doesn't make much sense.


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