25 October 2010

Noisy Neighbours

It's the sound of a chainsaw a street away that has prompted this morning's post. It's about noise. I can hear the beep of a truck reversing, a barking dog, a chittering willywagtail, the drift of traffic noise from a main road... It started me thinking about neighbourhood noises and specifically, the noises that can stop me writing and drive me out of the house.

A flock of cockatoos cracking and eating seeds in a cape lilac tree -- I can deal with. The new neighbour having the wrong code for his house alarm and it blaring out -- well, these things happen. Heavy machinery compacting earth for a new road -- ah, now there you have my achilles heel. When I can feel as well as hear the noise, ugh. Definitely time to leave the house.

Most other times, noise only annoys me when I'm already frustrated with my writing and looking for an excuse to stop. Amazing the number of excuses I can find then ;)


  1. You sound like me. I get easily distracted and annoyed by noises.

    My dogs are very good about keeping quiet. The husband--not so much.

  2. LOL just shows who's easier to train.


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