21 October 2010

Romance Round the Net

#SYTYCW is the fantastic first week of November Harlequin program to encourage new authors. Too much to summarise. Check it out and join in.

There's a new romance review site in town. It's called "The Romance Reviews". It's simply evil because it reminds me how many great books there are that I can't afford to buy. I need a book fairy. Anyhow, the same way a moth is hypnotised by light, I've created a page over at theromancereviews.com. Feel free to drop in and graffiti my wall :)

I'm a Darksider! This is seriously cool. I joined RomAus just in time to shout, "Me, too!" Spec fic Aussie and Kiwi writers who add a dash or splash of romance. As the banner says, it launches on Halloween :)

How come this Romance Round the Net round up has turned into an all-about-me day? Let's wind up with a shout out of appreciation.

May the reading gods bless public libraries. On Tuesday I popped in to swap paperbacks and came away with Susan Napier's "True Enchanter", Cait London's "What Memories Remain" and Stephanie James (aka Jayne Anne Krentz) "Green Fire". Add in a couple of Janet Dailey's (who I haven't tried, but have been meaning to) and I'm very happy. It's not easy finding books long out of print.


  1. Thanks for the links, Jenny. Will have to check out The Romance Reviews.

  2. No problems :) [I'm having an Aussie moment]


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