05 October 2010

Writing Update

[with thanks to Mamood Farcshi for sharing old Persian manuscript on Wikimedia]

I haven't fought any epic battles this week. It's been a gentle week of good news, writing and fiddling with my internet presence -- yes, I'm back on Facebook with a fan page dedicated to my paranormal romance series, Out of the Bottle. Speaking of which, I have good news.

Deb has accepted my third novella, Three Wishes! I'm so happy. This is the Syrian adventure she rejected but with suggestions and an offer to resubmit it. Deb's suggestions (as ever) made the story much stronger. I'm delighted to announce that Three Wishes will be published with Carina Press mid next year.

But don't wait that long. Angel Thief (Out of the Bottle, 2) will be out in less than two months. Yup, time is flying. I've already started working on the promotional blog tour and will share details soon.

Anything else? In between times I'm thinking about a bunyip murder mystery. It'll make an interesting short story, but the complicated plot needs to be clearer in my mind before I try to commit it to paper.


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