19 October 2010

Writing Update

I've yet to put one word on paper or screen, but for over a week now I've been thinking through a story idea for submission to the Warrior Wisewoman anthology.

Sometimes a sentence is all I need and I'm off and writing with a story. Other times, like this time, the protagonist is complicated, the world building needs oomph and I'm struggling with conflict (ho hum, yes that old bugbear of mine). So before any words, I need the ideas to settle in and start shining. For once I can't write my way into the story. I want to see the quest before my heroine embarks on her perilous journey.

Which is okay, because while the back of my mind deals with the story questions, the front of my mind is writing "Persian Flames". Oh my goodness. I think the title's inspired me. Uh, is it hot in here? No? Must be my imagination then ;)


  1. I love that anthology. I hope you'll be able to sub something to them.

  2. I hope so, too. I just have to dig a hole deep enough that my heroine encounters lots of trouble climbing out -- my new metaphor for "add more conflict!"

  3. I need to perculate too before I start writing, at least enough to firm the conflicts. Good luck with all that mulling!

  4. Mulling is so weird. To everyone else it looks like I'm doing nothing -- Ha! chasing inspiration is seriously exhausting. As if I'm been scrubbing my brain.


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