26 October 2010

Writing Update

Today is not so much a writing update as an everything update!

First, I have a profile page with about.me. Yep, I'm finally early enough to the tech party to reserve my own name! about.me/jennyschwartz

Second, when Angel Thief releases from Carina Press Nov 29, it'll also be available as an audiobook from Audible. Woohoo! Remember, Net Galley has copies available to reviewers, right now.

Third, I've submitted a paranormal novella to Cobblestone Press, their Shifter line. So I'm definitely typing this with fingers crossed.

Fourth, I've made a start on my story for the Warrior Wisewoman anthology. Hopefully I'll get it finished in time for the January submission deadline, and that they'll like it. Tentative title, "Liberty Hall".

Fifth, for the first time in ages, I have an idea for a poem. Catching up with the social media revolution (well, that's what Twitter and Facebook and everything else felt like to me--revolutionary) seemed to burn out my muse. I'm relieved to see I'm adjusting. Title of poem, definitely "Petrichor".


  1. Wow! You have been busy. Congrats on all the good news.

  2. Thanks, Shelley. It's good to remind myself that stuff does get done. Sometimes I stand in this deep, deep hole of mid-book gloom and wonder how I'll ever get out. Answer? Keep writing :)


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