24 November 2010

Party Time!

Inez Kelley is hosting a Release Day party that doubles, no triples! as a Thanksgiving and Birthday celebration. The joy includes the chance to win free ebooks! If that sounds irresistible (and it should), then come and join in. Yep, it's on today, Wednesday 24 November from midday to midnight EST American time (so yeah, I'm a fraction early).The release Inez is celebrating is her red hot novella, Lipstick on His Collar.

I know Wednesdays on this blog are meant to be devoted to improbabilities. Believe me, Inez's party will be improbable in the funniest and most fun way possible.

I hope you join in. You might even win a copy of Angel Thief :)

Edited to add: Here is the list of digital books you can win. And huge thanks to Inez for hosting such a great party.

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