11 November 2010

Romance Round the Net

Dialect. As readers (and as writers) we either love it or loathe it. When it's well done, I love it. The Cockney language and rhythms in Mary Jane Staples (I can't remember the author's real name, sorry. I know it was a he. Reg?) is a good example. Patricia Wrede's blog post caught my attention, especially:

The thing people forget is that, like everything else in writing, dialect is mostly illusion. It’s important that it be convincing, not that it be an accurate reproduction in every aspect and at all times.

The Dark Side DownUnder blog launched on Halloween. It's the playground of Aussie and Kiwi RomAus spec writers, their readers and anyone else we can snare -- do not wander the web unwarily, authors are master hunters ;) I'll be blogging there on Saturday. Yes, this Saturday. Am I being too subtle? I want visitors and comments! *stamps foot*

Carina Press is going to brighten Mondays with a free book. I think it's a comment on the blog (or perhaps on Facebook?) and you go in the draw to win the ebook of your choice :)

Keira at Loves Romance Passion has a cheeky blogpost on how to wring emotion from a Harlequin Tycoon.

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