25 November 2010

Romance Round the Net

There's still time to pop over to Inez's party and win some happy reading :)

Beverley Kendall is over at The Season talking about her publication experience and how signing the contract is only the beginning of your publication journey with its ups and downs. I was interested in her concluding question, are people watching their dollars and only buying authors they know and trust?

I might be tech challenged, but I can appreciate how good some people make their sites look. Jaunty Quills is a great looking blog.

Readers/reviewers, are any of you Harlequin Ambassadors?

I have a secret! No, it's nothing I'm writing. There is the whiff of a new group blog in the air. Sssh, don't scare it away. More details soon.

Katie at BookingIt reviewed Angel Thief. She loved the angel/djinni combo, and so do I!

Shelleyrae at Book'd Out also reviews Angel Thief and as another proud Aussie, loves the setting!! We also share the belief novellas are perfect lunch break reads :)

How can I resist sharing this garden design concept, the turf maze as a game of love?

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