02 November 2010

Writing Update

Persian Flames is taking an unconscionable long time to write. The story fascinates me, but it's also slippery. It takes sudden twists which improve it, but then I have to go back and rewrite earlier scenes to make sense.

Sometimes I think writing is like how a sociology lecturer described reading Foucault. You're walking along the beach at night, in a storm. Suddenly there's a flash of lighting and you see everything. It's startling, new, brilliant. And then, the darkness closes in once more.

But because of that moment, the world has changed.

I had one of those moment the other day. I suddenly realised why Deb kept deleting my "he said/she said's". Unless they're necessary to show who is talking, why am I putting them in? Obvious in hindsight. A lightning flash when I first saw it.

So maybe my new definition of editors is "the people who hold the torch"?


  1. LOL - I've been on the end of the he said, she said thing from Deb. My manuscript definitely read better after I'd deleted most of them.

  2. Deb is one of the best parts of the wonderful Carina experience -- maybe they could bottle her for all authors? Just add a dash of Deb for instant improvement! :)


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