23 November 2010

Writing Update

Angel Thief releases from Carina Press on Monday 29 November. Yup, less than a week to go! It's getting exciting.

Todayish is my new favourite word. One of the challenges of living in Australia is the timezone confusion when blogging in the US or UK.

So todayish I'm blogging at Seleste's blog -- and wasn't she a great guest here yesterday? I love hearing how stories grow for other writers. I'm chatting about how I've changed since that day a few years ago when I cleared my throat and said to the computer, "I am a writer". That was the point where I committed to finishing the stories I started.

Also todayish (and already underway) I'm blogging at Rites of Romance Reviews about fictional characters who become our friends -- Sherlock Holmes, Amelia Peabody and Patricia Briggs' werewolves. What makes some characters forgettable and others re-readable?

In between, I'm attacking Three Wishes, the third "Out of the Bottle" novella. The first round of edits are due soon for a May 2011 release!

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