17 December 2010

Red Panda

[Shared by Brunswyk
on Wikimedia under GNU Free Doc License
& Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
-- Thank you!]
I know it's Friday and at this blog that means weirdness, but it's nearly Christmas, I'm feeling mellow and rules are made to be broken.

Red pandas are top of my cute animal list. Yes, Toby, cuter than you.

[And yeah, I'd take a better photo if I remembered things like shadows and washing lines. *sigh*]


  1. Aww what a gorgeous picture of the panda. Back in university, we did a group study on the Red Pandas at our local zoo. Gorgeous animals.

    But Toby is cute, no mistake :)

  2. Maria -- Toby bribed you to say that, didn't he? ;)

    Eleni -- Studying red pandas for uni sounds wonderful. I studied Sociology and that meant studying teens in Hungry Jacks. No where near so cute!


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