02 December 2010

Romance Round the Net

I hope you haven't missed me getting Oprah-excited over at Carina Press. I just love any opportunity to share how wonderful Australia is. Come and visit!

Huge cheers for book blogs like Dark Faerie Tales with their collection of Books to Watch. Lists like these help me top up my wishlist.

Seasonal, though not necessarily book related. I agree with Dan Ariely's guide to successful gift buying -- buy something the recipient would feel guilty (but love) buying for themselves.

The Carina author group is so awesome if I didn't exercise great restraint that's all the news and squee-ing you'd hear here. But I can't resist sending you over to Seleste deLaney's blog to see the cover for her story, "Badlands". It is fantastic, like a movie poster.

One danger though of author friends is you start comparing work practices. Rachelle Gardner has a useful post on balancing good advice with knowing your own style.

Finally, begin your Christmas reading with a free read, sweet short story over at Taryn Kincaid's blog.


  1. Thanks for the plug, Jenny. 'preciate it!

  2. I loved the story, so 'course I want to share it :)


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