09 December 2010

Romance Round the Net

Dear Author's Ace/Roc book giveaway is open till Friday. Leave a comment (what you want for Chrissie and the book you want from the list). I think "Black Wings" by Christina Henry looks intriguing.

Wendy, Superlibrarian, is running the 2011 TBR challenge. Sign up, join in, beat that TBR pile into submission. Okay, so that sounds a bit violent, but do you really want to be swamped in books your whole life? Oh, you do? Me, too :)

Google Books made me mad Tuesday when I read their polite little note to the effect that since I don't live in the USA, I can't buy their books. Geo-restrictions are making me unhappy. But I do like the look of Google Books and the ease of sharing shelves and reviews. Will it challenge Goodreads/Shelfari for community?

Nicole North shares fantastic photos of Dunnottar Castle and its history over at Fierce Romance.

Arkali from The Romance Reviews reviewed "The Price of Freedom". Great review. Very happy author (ah, that'd be me!)


  1. That's a wonderful review. 'Ya dun good.' Congrats!!

    Ref: Google books
    I'll give them a few months to straighten everything out. There are some things that are out of their control. I want a future with no DRM and books will be available anywhere in the world at any time.

  2. Thanks, Maria :) It's a joy of a review. As for Google Books, I've heard a rumour they'll open an Aussie store in 2011. Interesting thought if they're going to support geo-restriction/divided market.


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