23 December 2010

Romance Round the Net

I don't usually share links to new release promo for Carina Press books, but you must read Shirin Dubbin's post on the inspiration for Dreams Dark Kiss.

Ilona Andrews is starting a discussion on the mistakes writers make. I found myself smiling wryly. She's absolutely right. We get an idea in our heads and that's it, nothing short of a smack with a pingpong bat (or an editor's red pen) gets it out again.

Angela James talks about editing. Is it possible to polish your MS so much it loses its shine?

Registration open now for Australian Romance Readers Conference in March 2011.

Over at LoveRomancePassion, Terry Spear shares the Top 10 Reasons Werewolves Won't Cheat on their Mates. Made me smile :)

I have a blog at eHarlequin. I also have a plan for blogging there in 2011. It'll be the year of the stereotype. Each month I'll discuss a popular fictional stereotype (such as fiesty old lady or stroppy teenager) and include examples from some of my favourite books. Posts will go up the first of the month. January will kick off with "Gothic Heroines".

And Terri from Night Owl Reviews has just reviewed Angel Thief. I am so happy!


  1. Thank you for the link and the comment, Jenny. I don't know if Rhian has read the post yet but all the kind words are going to mean a lot to her.

  2. Stories of courage are important. Hope you and your family have a lovely, happy Christmas :)


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