15 December 2010

Talking Hot Xmases in Snowy Canada

Guess what? I'm Christmas blogging over at Leah Braemel's blog. If you want to know what an Aussie summer Christmas is like, look no further.

But I'll admit, I left out the cause of the Aussie salute -- the flies that can leave you constantly waving your hand.


  1. And you didn't come visit me???? I'm about an hour away from Leah, on the other side of Toronto :D

  2. Ya mean after I swam all that way, then trekked across the snowy terrain, avoiding mounties and caribou (my Canadian knowledge is unreliable), I completely failed the public transport test of getting across Toronto? *sigh* Typical.

    LOL If I'd really made it to Canada, I'd have shouted about it till everyone met for a long, loud, hilarious dinner.


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