07 December 2010

Writing Update

3 December it was exactly a year since I started this blog. How it's evolved. From reflections on numinosity, book reviews and the urban fantasy novel I was writing, to something less defined, but still a journal of my writing journey. So happy one year birthday, blog! Did you ever think we'd make it?

Now I want to know why someone didn't kick my butt till I got off Internet Explorer and onto Google Chrome. Oh bliss, oh joy. The load speed is so much faster.

My urban fantasy is ticking along nicely, blurring over into paranormal romance (strong romance interest and definitely a happy ending). In fact, I'm thinking of making it a series.

"Persian Flames" remains on a back burner. I regret it, but the truth is there's a major flaw in the plot. Pffft. And I only realised a week ago. So really, it's not so much on the back burner as set aside like a carcase to be picked apart by the vultures of future stories. I'm keeping the title, "Persian Flames", but the story has to start from scratch. Ah well, it's better than an editor pointing out the flaw and rejecting it (trying to be philosophical here, but I'm seriously annoyed with myself).

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