14 December 2010

Writing Update

Edits for the third "Out of the Bottle" novella, Three Wishes, are proceeding at a fast clip. I've also returned the art fact sheet, and can't wait to see the cover that results. Carina Press covers are gorgeous.

The current MS is another paranormal romance, but no angels or djinn. Instead, people with magic are integrated into the human population, hidden but protective. There's tons of conflict and a touch of supernatural with the introduction of a demon. I'm also wondering if it could be the start of a loosely tied together series. The world building is strong enough to carry a series and there are a ton of ideas I'd love to explore.

Also, brace yourselves. The Harlequin Christmas Party (or Community Open House) is Dec 15. Squee!


  1. You've got me intrigued. They sound like angels if they're protective. Why are they protective?

  2. There's good guys and bad guys with magic talents. After the First World War some of the good guys recognised the need for a magic version of the League of Nations. Someone has to protect the world from egos with magic powers. So the Collegium was set up, but you know how it goes, give someone power and there's always the chance of corruption. My heroine discovers the rot starts at the top, with the Collegium president -- unfortunately, he's also her dad. Lot and lots of conflict.


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