21 December 2010

Writing Update

"Three Wishes" is at the copyediting stage. Woohoo!

I finally have a working title for the current work-in-progress: Shards. I'll come up with something better after I finish the story, but for now it captures the broken loyalties that drive the story's conflict.

I'm creating a to do list of small(ish) tasks for the holiday period in case I can't concentrate on writing. So things that have to be done, but aren't as concentration-intense as dreaming up a new scene. A lot of it will probably turn out to be prep for 2011; things like listing potential blog topics and finding images to accompany them, tidying up the "My Books" section of my website, rationalising Google Reader (which in my enthusiasm I've strained my attention span to its limit), learning Facebook (it's still not a natural social medium for me), and on and on. I'll be at the computer, but not necessarily writing.

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