03 January 2011


I feel as if my first post in the New Year ought to be reflective, predictive and generally noteworthy. But to be honest, I'm over all that sort of thing. Yup, New Year is sooo 2 days ago. Instead, may I brighten your day with Toby and his guest (my sister's dog, Abby). If only I had their energy. And no, Abby doesn't have a green tongue. That's tennis ball A. She's waiting for tennis ball B, because a dog can never have too many tennis balls *eye roll*


  1. LOL - so 2 days ago huh? Well despite that have fantastic 2011!!

    Great shot of the dogs.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Eleni :) Here's hoping 2011 treats us all kindly. As for the dogs...taking the shot was easy. My sister hypnotised the dogs with the second tennis ball and they stood like statues.


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