04 January 2011

Writing Update

The copyedits for Three Wishes are done! It's amazing how much each stage of the editing process teaches. I seriously love editing. First drafts are the hard work where the brain goes through the wringer with brief moments of euphoria. Editing at least has something to chew on.

Speaking of first drafts, Shards, my urban fantasy novella is nearly finished. A couple more scenes, then off to the side while I get cracking on Persian Flames.

Persian Flames has aggravated me. I wrote so much of it before realising the story had a pivotal flaw, unfixable. So the story got canned (I didn't cry, but I did swear) and I've been turning over new ideas. And boy, have a I dreamed up a cracker. Gorgeous. I have the characters, the major internal and external conflicts, and I'm feeling my way through the twists and turns of the plot. It's totally different to where I was before, but it works! I can't wait to start the serious writing.


  1. Editing is my favorite part of writing. Does that make us weird? :grin:

  2. Wow, you've been busy. Glad to see you're okay. Was worrying that the flooding situation might be affecing you!

  3. Go you!!!

    I must say I'm slowly becoming fond of the first edit after my skeleton draft. Taken me a long time to come to enjoy it :)

  4. Maria, if we're weird, we're dragging Eleni over to the darkside :) Editing is like the reward for wading through the first draft.

    Taryn, aren't the floods awful? I'm the opposite corner of the country and we're pretty much in drought, praying for rain. The irony escapes no one.

    Thanks, Eleni :)


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