28 February 2011

Dr Laina Turner-Molaski, author of Chiczofrenia

I'm delighted to be part of Dr. Laina Turner-Molaski's book tour for the release of Chiczofrenia--Crazy is an Art Form

Forget the conventional wisdom: Women can have it all -- we just have to celebrate, embrace, our craziness.

As part of her tour, Laina is giving away three $40 Visa gift cards, one to a randomly drawn commenter in each of the following periods: January 31-February 25; February 28-March 25; March 28-April 22. So don't forget to leave a comment -- even if it's just how much you wish there was a Barbie doll with sagging breasts (read on! the comment will make sense). To follow the book tour, click here.

And because I'm ever-curious, I had questions. Laina was kind enough to answer them.


Who are your heroes, strong women comfortable with their own brand of craziness? 

Oprah, Katherine Graham, Madonna, Joan of Arc

Can you share a goal and how you achieved it?

Writing this book was one, completing my PhD was another big goal achieved. I was raised with the attitude that I could do anything if I tried hard enough. It’s not always easy to have confidence in yourself but I work hard at remembering that I am an amazing women, we all are, and I can do just about anything.

We absolutely have to take time to celebrate our achievements. How do you celebrate?

With family and friends. I have a great support system and people who are proud of me.

When you're creating a special place (whether a place to be creative, reflective or simply to unwind), what do you include? [I'm thinking scents, music, colours, furniture, whatever.]

Paper and colored pens. I love to write nonsense, doodle, draw (going back and forth between the two things I can draw), bubble bath, Yankee Candle Sugar Cookie candles, and a glass of cheap wine.

How do you steal time? [I'm looking for tips on anything from managing email to co-ordinating clothes to training cats (yeah, real impossibilities).]

I stop myself from feeling guilty if I don’t get it all done and I take time to keep myself charged. I try and stay organized by scheduling everything out and if it doesn’t work according to plan I embrace what I can do. Negativity about things you can’t control doesn’t help (I have learned that the hard way).

Finally, if you could pass on any gift whatsoever, what would you give your readers of Chiczofrenia-Crazy Is an Art Form

That we are all fabulous people and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

*I just had to highlight Lana's answer to the last question, because it's so true.



Chiczofrenia – crazy is an art form – released January 2011.

Chiczofrenic is the term for the woman who is purposeful and intentional in how crazy her life may be. The goal with this book is to recognize many women drive themselves crazy, intentionally, by trying to be all they can. I firmly believe we can have it all. A great relationship, being a great mom, keeping a good house (if that’s important to you), being a career woman, following your dreams, working out, eating right, and many more. Women seem to have the knack for how to manage it all and not go crazy. Women seem to always take on more and more…and are successful at it.

Women have tried forever to pretend they fit in the norm even when the norm wasn’t what they wanted. I want women to embrace that more - without caring what anyone thinks. Learn to laugh at your own craziness and be cool at the same time. Be the strong individual you want to be while looking like a million bucks.

Being a woman is difficult and is a constant evolution and journey of self discovery. It’s not always an easy journey and through the process you realize everyone has her own issues. Her own brand of crazy, which is my own kind of normal. Crazy but embracing it.

ISBN: 978-0-578-07034-6
Book: $14.95 Available on www.lainaturner.com
E-Book: $9.95 Available on Kindle and Smashwords



Do you remember back when you were young and it was all about Barbie dolls and Baby Alive? If you had brothers, or even if you didn’t, there might be a Stretch Armstrong and some Hot Wheels thrown in. As young girls, we enjoyed playing house. Traditional play acting for girls and boys alike. Mimicking our parents and grandparents. Is this where we learned that we wanted to have that perfect life? Is it what all the people against Barbie and Ken were fearful of? I’m taking creative license here as I don’t know if anyone is actually against Barbie and Ken, but I think it sounds plausible. We played with the perfect Barbie, in her perfect clothes, her perfect corvette, and perfect Ken. Barbie and Ken never defaulted on their mortgage or had the corvette repossessed, and Barbie’s boobs never sagged, her butt didn’t droop. Did we feel this was how life was supposed to be? Perfect? How did you feel the first time you realized that life wasn’t going to be like Barbie and Ken living the life in the Dream House? Was it when you hit puberty and realized that you weren’t going to be 36-24-34? How did you feel? I felt cheated. Damn that fantasy.



  1. Hi Laina! Thanks so much for visiting. Your Barbie and Ken excerpt made me smile. Life's better when we're not driving ourselves mad looking for perfection.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. No question. I most definitely suffer from Chiczofrenia.

    But I am also a sloth...so there you have it!

    (Had to remove the prior comment due to typophobia.)

  4. Nice to know there is a word coined for what we as the women of world put ourselves through in our never ending attempt to be all we can be!
    I love being "crazy" within the parameters of accomplishing anything I set my mind out to do, especially since a lot of what I learn to do are things that someone told me at some point I couldn't!
    Never tell a woman she cannot, she will prove you wrong every time...

    Jenny thanks for bringing Laina and this book to my attention....

  5. Taryn I too love being a sloth at times:)

    Jackie you are so true. Telling me "I can't" is a sure way to challenge me to kick butt!

  6. Yup, we're all chiczofrenic -- and proud of it!

    Thanks, Jackie and Taryn for dropping by. Taryn, especially, since you are insanely busy celebrating the release of "Healing Hearts". Woot! I'm about to dash over to Facebook to shout Congrats!!!

    Laina, nice to know someone who runs an online community at Chiczofrenic has time to sloth ... or is slothing just a memory?


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