07 February 2011

Following Blogs

I follow 121 different blogs. Most are from the world of romance publishing -- authors, reviewers, publishers, agents -- but others are simply for interest -- gardening, neuroscience, architecture. Google Reader is the only reason I can follow what is to me a mind-boggling number of discussions. Other people follow triple and more that number -- I can only salute them and feel exhausted on their behalf.

But the downside of using Google Reader is that a blog post has to be awesomely awesome for me to make the additional effort of clicking through to the original blog to leave a comment. I don't think it's laziness. Just time and energy being limited (only 24 hours in a day! who decided that?!!). Plus shyness. When a blog has an established community of followers, I can have an acute awkward moment and slink away rather than introduce myself and join in.

So this post is prompted by my guilt that I follow, read and enjoy great blogs, but fail to make their creators aware of how much I enjoy their insight, information and humour.

I'm a lurker!


  1. And here we are, thinking you just don't love us. :)

    I've never understood your shyness. You are always so bubbly and charming whenever you chime in. Are you sure there aren't two of you? A shy Jenny and dance-with-a-lampshade Jenny?

  2. LOL I'm glad I don't come across as stutteringly nervous. I think it must be like preparing to go bungee jumping -- not that I ever have -- but once I've made the leap, then I talk non-stop and flap my arms and generally behave wildly. Let's just hope the bungee rope doesn't snap in mid-carry on :)

  3. I so understand this Jenny. I follow more blogs and mostly I skim through them. Time is precious and there are not enough hours in the day to always comment on others blogs. :)

  4. Eleni, that's it exactly. Though I feel bad at not supporting other authors more at places like Dark Side DownUnder. Maybe when the weather cools off my brain won't fry so fast? Then I'll be able to comment and write and not go crazy :)

  5. Me too - I read my feed on my ipod where answering is practically impossible.

    Shelleyrae @ book'd out


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