09 February 2011

Mass-produced Tailoring

It's been talked of for years. We plug our measurements into the system and the factory shoots out a perfectly tailored whatever at the other end.

But forget clothes.

We have 3D printing. We have entirely robotosised factories. How long before tables, chairs, keyboards, anything that can be made by machines is efficiently and cost-effectively factory made to our unique needs?

Let me tell you, I'd be lining up for comfy chairs suited to my height (what there is of it! I'm short) and wallet.


  1. I would kill for a custom made chair. Of course, I'd have to kill because I know I wouldn't be able to afford it. :(

  2. Yup, and have you noticed how custom-made tends to mean heavy? Huge chunks of wood and or steel that I cannot move. Not that I can afford them either. Until this dream of tailored mass-produced, I'll probably stick with Ikea and the occasional lucky find in a secondhand furniture store.


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