16 February 2011

Pillows, Dreams and How We've Changed

Would you believe, the use of pillows has altered how people dream?

The angle of the brain is different to when humans slept flat on the dirt. Blood flow is different. Connections within the brain are different -- and that means different dreams.

And would you believe, sleeping without a pillow increases the "efficiency" of sleep and so less is needed.

*And if you believe any of this, you're as insomniac'd as me ;)


  1. Interesting, never considered that before.

  2. Sleep without a soft, cushy pillow?! No way.

  3. I believe this. I lay on one of those Asian buckwheat pillows. I can flatten it to a few grains under my head. But sometimes I go without a pillow entirely.

  4. Wild. Slept with one soft pillow until I had an eye op. and they told me to sleep with two. Now it's hard getting back to one but I'm not sleeping as well. I will try going back to one anjd see what happens.

  5. Toemail -- I'm not surprised you hadn't considered it before. Insomnia and I have weird thoughts.

    Liz, I admit, I'm another soft cushy pillow fan, but ... I'm about to google Asian buckwheat pillows. Sounds interesting.

    Elise, I hate sleeping with two pillows. It goes back to childhood when I used to cough as if I wanted to get rid of my lungs (pesky things, what do we need them for?) and Mum made me sleep basically sitting up -- probably so she could get some sleep as it stopped me coughing (a bit).


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