03 February 2011

Romance Round the Net

Romance Junkies 2011 Writing Contest has prizes for writers and readers. It's sponsored by Carina Press, Harlequin's digital-first imprint (and publisher of my Out of the Bottle series).

How is a bestseller list created? Dear Author has answers.

Joely Sue Burkhart has an important post on protecting your work. She's not talking copyright or theft, but the more insidious effect of emotional attack -- yup, even the self-inflicted stuff.

Over at Book Ends, LLC Sally MacKenzie talks about novellas and how, no, they're not a snip to write. I needed this reassurance that short though they are, writing a novella can be a tough journey. Word count might be cut, but the passion, the intensity of the story, must still compel the reader.

Remember Kylie Griffin's post last week on world building. This week she collects some authors' takes on the issue. Very interesting.

Wendy, SuperLibrarian, has a post that, for me, defines the A rated book: "Do I want to drop everything and reread this right now?"  If the answer is yes, then the book gets an A

If you're a member of Romance Writers of Australia , the newsletter Hearts Talk is out now in electronic form. I guess paper form must be in the post. I'm looking forward to settling down and reading. Lots of great advice, info and sense of community.

And I almost forgot -- Happy New Year!

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